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Your Gonna Miss Me When I'm Gone


Daily dose of love quotes here




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Daily dose of love quotes here

It was that moment when she looked into the eyes of the man she loved with all she could , that something was different. His eye’s that once shined so bright like the sun on a hot summer’s day were dull like the pair of hockey skates that rested in the back closest for the last few years.It was at that moment when she came to realize that it was time to let him go. Even though she tried so hard to make him happy it would never be enough for those eyes to shine again. It broke her to see things fall apart so easily like a fragile glass slowly crashing to the ground but she knew it was time. Time to say good bye to everything she loved about him because it was the only way to bring the sunshine back into his life.

Anonymous Asked:
Why can't I get over him

My answer:


A six word story.

You know, trying to get over someone is only half the battle. The other half is fought when you wear their favourite sweater, when you hear their favourite song and when you taste their favourite fruit. It’s seeing the first film you watched together again and trying to pay attention to the actors instead of remembering how close you were to grasping his hand and burying your head into his shoulder.

You can’t get over him because you didn’t do all the things that you said you would. He promised things. You promised things. Those promises meant things. And deep down you kinda knew things weren’t going to work out, but a bigger part of you was hoping they might. And hope is a bitch sometimes.

There isn’t really some magical formula for getting over someone. You miss them because, like it or not, they found a gap in your life and filled it almost to perfection. Now you gotta fill it in yourself and that hurts.

I can’t tell you how. I can’t tell you why. But you’re not alone, I can tell you that much.

Amen sister!!👌

"It’s horrible, craving you like this."

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"Tonight, she goes to sleep with your words stuck on the roof of her mouth, thick like wax. Each syllable will slowly drip down her throat and harden into a barrier of things she wished she’d have said. She’ll wake up suffocating and clawing at her throat."

Poetry-for-the-cobalt - “Maybe that’s what causes the ‘lump’ in your throat just before you cry.” (via poetry-for-the-cobalt)

"Too late. You already killed me."

Six word story (via versacekardashian)

"I miss you, please come back"

Six Word Story (via earthqvake)

I'm not good at describing me. Maybe cause nothing can and nothing will ever describe me. I fall too fast, love too much, forgive too easily. I'm just me , Madison....oh p.s Do you miss me yet?

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